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Ethical Interfaith

Ethical Interfaith
Is Not ...

Reality-Based Ethics:
Universal Ethics,
Universal Human Rights

for interviewees

contact Elsa Schieder, Keynote Speaker, Media Interviews


My Personal

Ethical Interfaith
dedicated to the
open, candid, truthful
and respectful
exploration of:

- the ethics of
different faiths,
both from religious texts
and as these are lived,

- our personal ethics
and how these relate
(or not) to our faith,

- what is at the core
of ethics,
the things we need
to flourish.


Ethical Interfaith dares to tackle
core issues in ethics and interfaith dialogue.
Are there universal ethics?
How to compare religions.
Religious persecution.

To go from this introduction to more on
interfaith dialogue and
comparing religions, click here.


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